Kangning Diao

Depart of Astronomy, Tsinghua University. dkn16@foxmail.com


Hello! My name is Kangning Diao (刁康宁), and I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in the esteemed group of Prof. Yi Mao at Tsinghua University. My research focuses on the 21 cm signal, with a particular emphasis on employing statistical methods. I am especially intrigued by high-dimensional inference techniques, gradient-based models, and ML-based generative models. In terms of programming, I am proficient in Python and frequently utilize packages such as JAX and PyTorch.

Outside of my academic pursuits, I have cultivated several hobbies. As a Tsinghua student, I prioritize physical fitness and actively participate in Taekwondo as a member of the university team. I dedicate an amount of time each week to exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, I have a keen interest in playing the guitar, although I still consider myself a novice. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy cooking, particularly Chinese cuisines. If you ever have an interest in sampling some of my culinary creations, feel free to reach out to me!

On the internet, I have a keen interest in aviation and electronic games. My favorite plane is the Boeing 787, and my preferred airport is PKX. I also admire the COMAC C919 and hope it achieves great success. As a fan of JRPGs, I’m currently playing “Honkai: Star Rail” by Mihoyo, although my all-time favorite game is “Persona 5 Royal”.

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selected publications

  1. cdc.png
    Multi-fidelity Emulator for Cosmological Large Scale 21 cm Lightcone Images: a Few-shot Transfer Learning Approach with GAN
    Kangning Diao, and Yi Mao
    arXiv e-prints, Jul 2023